Yamaha Revstar x Metal Coating

Tokyo Motor Show Edition

Limited edition Revstar guitars designed to match the “Future Garage” exhibition of Yamaha Motors booth at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. 

The Cafe Racer theme (the main inspiration for original Revstar lineup) was taken to the next level with the use of a special metal coating technology. The fronts of the guitars where covered with several layers of almost pure stainless steel. The coating technique results in a hard and rough surface that is further polished and sanded down to achieve final effect. This unique use of materials results not only in original look of these guitars but also alters their sound, sustain and resonance characteristics.

Project website (in Japanese): 2017 TOKYO MOTOR SHOW edition

Year: 2017


Process snapshots

Revstars prepared for modifications

polishing the headstock of RS620

polished part of the RS620 will become the pickguard

RSR20CR racing stripes after polishing

Tokyo Motor Show display

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